Kaneko & Associates (K&A) is an executive Consulting firm that specializes in finding talent with high-level expertise. Our special emphasis is on professional service and back office operation positions at the Partner/Principal and C-Suite Levels.


Since its establishment in 1998, K&A has built a strong reputation for excellence in executive consulting services for global firms from its base in California. In 2006, K&A opened an office in Tokyo to take advantage of our extensive network and technical expertise to provide timely service to clients in Japan, China, and other Asian countries. 

Professional Services 

Tax, Audit, Law, Advisory, M&A, Management Consulting, Human Capital Consulting, Risk, Digital Strategy, Cybersecurity, and more.


Financial Services

Financial Service Strategy, Asset Management, Insurance, and more.


In-house/Back Office Operations

Legal counsel, Treasurer, Controller, Tax, CFOs, Human Resources, Business Development, Risk Management, Marketing and more.

On-boarding Service

Our deep experience in recruiting executives extends to Onboarding these executives. Picking up where the search process ends, pre-boarding keeps new hires engaged and prepared for their first day in the new office. Onboarding programs start with the new executive’s first day in the new office and normally run for one month. Ideally, an onboarding program runs for six months or longer. 

Outside Board Member Service

​Our external director will be the one who actively involved in highly specialized fields in which we are engaged. The external director should be a person with a global background who is capable of expanding your company’s prospects. Specifically, he or she will have the international skills required in companies that have a high ratio of foreign investors, and also possess a high level of expertise and knowledge that includes a mastery of accounting and taxation matters and an ability to analyze business figures.


Academic (Higher Education) Search Services

With the global networks we have built over the years as a recruiter, we are connecting the most qualified professionals and educators from overseas to colleges and universities in Japan.