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AESC Conference in London “Disruptive Innovation” Nov. 8, 2018

A very valuable time was spent at the AESC Conference in London, 2018. Our main topic this time was focused on innovation-driven growth. How companies are responding to different kinds of innovation such as how to build a successful Diversity & Innovation strategy or how to work together with the latest technologies and AIs and not be threatened by them. Every speaker was full of insights and very skilled at sending out the message, so we can stay at the forefront of excellence in today’s fast-moving environment.

So what Nobi confidently went into the conference room, only to find out that it was a wrong room; the conference was a great success and gave us a plenty of things to think about.



と付き合って行くか・・・ 堂々と入って行ったカンファレンスルームが、まさかの部屋違いだったというハプニングもありましたが、目まぐるしく成長し続ける今日のビジネスシーンにおいて、いかにエクセレンスを保っていくか。それぞれの分野で活躍されているスピーカーの視点とインサイトに触れ、深く考えさせられました。

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