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AESC Conference in Amsterdam

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

2019年のAESC欧州カンファレンスはアムステルダムにて開催され、CREATE THE FUTUREのテーマのもと、多様なゲストスピーカーの発表がありました。

アムステルダム発のチョコレート会社「トニーズ チョコロンリー」からは、チョコのエヴァンゲリストを名乗るエンゾ・ヴァン・ザンテン氏が、カカオ業界にまかり通る強制労働に近い労働環境とその改善へ向けての自社の取り組み例から、信念を持って活動する「より多くの人々の幸福のためのビジネス」について発表をしました。

オックスフォード大学の経済学者リンダ ユー氏は、アダム スミスやカール マルクスといった歴史に名を残す経済学者が現代に与えている影響を考察し、現世界経済が未来に与え得ることについて話をされました。



This year’s European AESC conference was held in the city with full of actions and bicycles, Amsterdam, and it turned out to be a very lively successful conference. Along with the theme of “CREATE THE FUTURE”, the guest speakers gave us so many great insights on keys to success as an organization and an individual.

From a very unique Dutch chocolate company, Tony’s Chocolonely, the company’s “Choco Evangelist”, Mr. Ynzo van Zanten, presented their mission as a company which is to stop modern slavery and exploitation in the cocoa industry.

Ms. Linda Yueh is a University of Oxford fellow in economics. We had a chance to hear from the greatest economist how the lessons of historical experts like Adam Smith and Kar Marx can be applied to today’s current challenges.

There were many more wonderful presentations and every single presentation was outstandingly interesting and meaningful. To sum it all up though, we can say that even in this time of digitalization, the key elements to success remain remarkably humane. Having a purpose in work, aiming a goal with passion, learning from mistakes, and being flexible to think out of the box...

I left the city of Amsterdam thinking about my own attributes while trying not to get hit by bicycles.

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